"Design is commucation".
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We've been creating digital design and decoration since 2009, during this time we've gone through a lot and achieved significant success. We know where the 'wow-effect button' is and we are familiar to actual business environment.
Over this time we've worked with dozens of businesses from different areas, developed superpower to understand any client, and - yes! - still love what we do.
We create the entire design concept for you and perform it in a space. We do make things that create vibes and impressions.
We love unusual projects, but work with each like it's the only one.

What we do:
If we work under the project -
your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Create classy design
First, the art director create conceptual picture in his head. Then it turns out beautifully.
Perform installations and art objects
For wow-effect. For awesome photos. For the impression.
Make event decor
For corporate and entertainment events. For mass, public or private activities.
Develop media content
Commercial and branded videos. Animation sequences and splash screens.
Produce decorations and exhibitions stands
We can make any - for a bright presentation or promotional, for stylish event or theme party.
Print and decorate in the details
We will produce any branded printing, make themed items and pick up the important stuff.
Describe event idea in general.
We will help to make it all comes together - creative design and implementation.
Tell us!
We can be useful - tell us more about your project!

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Any pictures, documents and other important project files.
Our Works
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Mike
Photo by Jason
Photo by Ed
Photo by Sven
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Photo by Hal
Photo by David
Write to us - we will come up with something cool for you.
By the way, we have our own production base. All we invented we most profitably produced.
Watch the creative video we made!
By transforming space, we change the reality.
And create catchy sensations.
Watch with sound!
It matters.
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Infinite space loop? Easily!
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Feel free to call or write us:
+7 495 517 1190 / ask@a-base.ru
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+7 926 206 1881

Loft Pineapple, 6 Unnatov, Moscow
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